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YouSpotProperty – Earn Amazon Vouchers for Finding Empty Properties

Did you know that you can earn money by identifying empty or abandoned properties? Well, with YouSpotProperty, you can earn money for just a few minutes’ work.

This is a YouSpotProperty guide meant to help you understand what this platform really is, homes/ locations covered and how it works to eventually reward you and your community.

What is YouSpotProperty?

YouSpotProperty is a property rescuing company that rewards you for spotting and reporting empty properties. Anytime you notice a distressed property somewhere, you report it to YouSpotProperty and they handle the rest of the work, including helping the owner revamp it.

It’s not just about looking for empty homes. YouSpotProperty also pays for spotting derelict, empty garages and gardens.

What can I earn with YouSpotProperty?

On a successful sale of a property you reported, you’re paid 1% of the purchase price. In addition to this, this fantastic company will send you a £20 Amazon or M&S voucher. As if these rewards are not enough, YouSpotProperty also extends a £500 grant to a charity organization from the Borough where the property in question is located.

Which areas in the UK does YouSpotProperty cover?

Most of the rewards for reported homes have come from the South of England. However, all homes within the residential areas of England are eligible. Currently, there’re no rewards for properties spotted in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Which homes don’t qualify for pay-outs?

Not all homes will meet the criteria for earning you rewards. Here are a few examples of the exempts:

  • Homes on the open market for sale
  • Homes purchased within the last five years
  • Homes with no potential for development (corner plots, land between houses, infill sites, etc.)
  • Homes that have been occupied within 1 year

While you may view it as unfruitful work, it’ll not hurt if you uploaded any property you found unoccupied within England. YouSpotProperty will do the work to determine if it’s eligible for a reward or not.

What’s the most amount of money someone has made from YouSpotProperty?

£10,000, earned by Paul Wood on reporting an abandoned house while trying to navigate through traffic. He scooped all this money by just snapping the house and uploading it on YouSpotProperty.

In addition to the 1% reward, Woody’s Wanders FC, a non-profit football club, received a massive £1000.

Why does YouSpotProperty need  people to find empty properties?

Here are the three main reasons why YouSpotProperty wants you to keep your eyes peeled as you move around:

• To try and address the housing crisis in the UK

The government speculates that there’re so many empty properties in the UK (over 8000) that can be brought to life to help address the housing problem. YouSpotProperty, through the reports you make about dilapidated property, can help create a positive outcome in solving the housing crisis.

The more these unused spaces are revived to habitable homes, the more people currently finding it hard to find a space to call home will benefit.

• Empty and unused properties are a hub for tons of problems

There’s so much that’s too wrong with derelict empty properties. From being a hub for vandalism and criminal activities to a hotbed or vermin, weeds and damp, abandoned properties are nothing to smile about.

Reporting unused properties to YouSpotProperty can help convert them from their ‘tragic waste’ state to charming and habitable spaces. The platform helps concerned owners in getting the properties to their pristine condition and use.

• To help increase the value of local property

As a result of the atypical image displayed by deserted properties, potential buyers always view every other local property as non-standard- this has dramatically affected the average cost of local property. YouSpotProperty is again dedicated to helping local properties regain their actual value.

Final thoughts

YouSpotProperty is an excellent way to earn money by looking out for empty homes, probably as you walk your dog or when stuck in traffic. While the rewarding process may take some time due to the technicalities involved in property sales, you should be rest assured that you’ll get your reward. Part of the sale proceeds goes to a charity organization in your Borough, making YouSpotProperty one of the easiest ways you and your community can benefit from a property sale.

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