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Shoppix – Shoppix App Review

Money is often a scarcity for many individuals, with the drive to obtain it being a high priority for most people. To make matters worse, some of the money-making options currently available courtesy of the internet have increasingly proven to be scams established to milk personal information from unsuspecting individuals. We have, however, identified some easy and sure ways of making extra money. Imagine getting paid by an institution for the photos of your used receipts, most often discarded as wastes by shoppers. One of these platforms is Shoppix, a smartphone-supported application renowned by associated individuals to pay clients for pictures of everyday receipts. This article will thus provide a detailed review of Shoppix based on some comments by long-term users.

How does Shoppix App actually Work?

Making money through Shoppix is quite simple, actually. Individuals are required to have the appropriate and compatible devices – android and iPhone smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Using the said devices, the first step entails downloading the Shoppix application from the play store and installing it. This is followed by filling in the personal profile questionnaire presented with the appropriate and relevant information, and all is set. The individual can essentially start making some extra money.

As such, every moment an individual buys something at any business establishment that gives back a transaction receipt like a restaurant, a store, a movie theatre, among others, he/she should take a clear picture of the said receipt by allowing the Shoppix app access to their phone’s camera, afterwards, give a quick rating by answering a couple of questions and finally, the receipt will be uploaded to the app.

After uploading the receipt’s picture, Shoppix always conducts a thorough review of the receipt, with the end goal being approving or rejecting the upload. These reviews usually take a couple of hours, however, in some instances, they can last up to a day. Successfully approved pictures always earn the app user “tokens.”

The tokens are essentially like inactive money, which upon collecting enough, can be redeemed for money. This can either be direct by depositing the money into a verified PayPal account or indirectly through the allocation of vouchers for Amazon, iTunes, or Love2Shop, among others.

The rate of receipt approval is always high to the level of 99%. Nonetheless, certain cases usually warrant rejection due to failure of adherence to certain terms and conditions. Some of these measures include;

You can only get tokens for up to 30 receipts each week (any 7 days)

Individuals only get tokens for ONE receipt each day if the receipts are from a SINGLE store. Therefore, if they had multiple receipts from one store, they would only receive tokens for one receipt a day and maybe other receipts from different stores acquired on the same day. They may, however, scan the rest of the remaining receipts from the one shop for the consecutive days to follow, each every day until depletion.

Receipts are only valid if they are no more than 7-days old and, scanning of receipt snaps on the exact day of product/service purchase usually earns an individual bonus.

The receipts must contain:

  • The shop’s name.
  • The date.
  • The specific items/services bought.
  • The total amount paid.

How Much Money Can I Make With Shoppix?

The overall sum that an individual can make from Shoppix and even other online money-making platforms usually differs from one individual to the next depending on various factors such as dedication, among others. Nonetheless, Shoppix guarantees earning extra money on the side for a lifestyle boost but rather limited and insufficient to make someone rich.

Shoppix usually awards 25 tokens for every receipt snap approved. Snapping it on the same day of purchase will earn an individual a bonus of 5 tokens. As such, on average, most of the receipts will be worth 30 tokens each.

There are, however, some additional money-making techniques incorporated in the app. For instance, occasionally, there are always surveys in the app which upon filling earns users some bonus tokens and a virtual scratch card often worth nothing or 10-50 tokens upon scratching.

The scratch cards can also be acquired by scanning receipts several weeks in a row. Each scratch card usually earns an individual an entry into the “Weekly Prize Draw,” where they would stand a chance of winning up to 10000 tokens.

Individuals also often earn bonus tokens by “moving up the shelves.” This essentially happens after every four weeks of scanning receipts. Referring friends and family to Shoppix through a personal referral code will also earn the referee and the referrals about 200 bonus tokens.

Exchanging Tokens for Money

The goal is to collect as many tokens as possible since the more there are, the more money/monetary value will be exchanged. The current token-money exchange rate as per Shoppix app entails;

  • £5 for 3200 tokens
  • £10 for 6000 tokens
  • £20 for 11500 tokens

This subsequently begs the question of how long it will actually take before reaching the least number of tokens required for minimal redeeming. An individual’s first payday will always depend entirely on the number of receipts collected and scanned. A rough estimate puts the timeframe in about one and a half months, given he/she can collect and scan two authentic receipts every day for the entirety of the period. Essentially, the more receipts scanned and approved, the faster the accumulation and payment of the specific individual and vice versa. Therefore, in one and a half months, one should be able to redeem £5 from Shoppix, which is always forwarded to a specific individual’s PayPal account.

Why Does Shoppix Want Your Receipts?

Simply for information.

Consumer information/data is often worth a lot in contemporary society due to their high demand by some of the giant institutions aiming to transform their business models and, as such, filling of demographic surveys on the Shoppix app coupled with individual purchase trends as logged by the snapped receipts are often vital in the synthesis of market research reports concerning consumer behaviour in the UK. This has seen to the rise of numerous data mining companies not only in the UK but globally.

Shoppix assures users that no one can ever be identified from the data they gather. Subsequently, no personal information on the app is ever sold or transferred to a third party without the user’s prior consent. As such, user privacy is guaranteed, unlike as witnessed in other information harvesting companies, which exploit the provided information while violating users’ privacy. Therefore, on top of the privacy guarantee, individuals can also make some extra money in the process, making the receipts worthwhile.

Is Shoppix Worth Your Time?

The answer to this question entirely depends on the person asked. Nonetheless, the fact is that;

Shoppix guarantees extra money for its loyal users except, the money is always nearly good for nothing. The redeemed money can only be used in small expenditures like movie tickets after a couple of months of snapping receipts. The money cannot manage to pay for anyone’s bills sufficiently. Even scanning the maximum weekly total of 30 receipts will still take over a month to collect enough tokens for only £10 redemption.

Some individuals also claim that Shoppix and the entire snapping and scanning process is fun. They equate it to a quick and easy everyday habit taking only a few seconds to complete. Therefore, it is not only fun but time considerate, encouraging appropriate time management.

Final Thoughts

Shoppix is a great place to earn some extra money by simply snapping receipts and engaging in other in-app activities. Being almost fun and time conscious, it comes highly recommended by loyal users who have reaped the benefits. It subsequently changes mass opinion regarding receipts as many often referred to them as trash, but now, they are money-generating trash. Even though the redeemed money will not make someone rich, it will boost in some areas reducing the harshness of the contemporary economic situation. Thus, go through the article to gain some insight about Shoppix and make some guaranteed extra money.