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A savvy mother has made headlines for using money-saving skills to buy goods worth £2500 for only £250 by using coupons. The best part is that she’s giving away all the goods to the less fortunate during the Christmas season.

The 31-year-old blogger, Holly Smith, began buying stuff on sale that was offered in January and she intends to give them to people who can’t “make ends meet” in December.

She started by collecting numerous vouchers and identifying deals that could give her great discounts of 90% in toy stores. This allowed her to purchase books worth £4.99 at only 90p as well as toys at half their prices.

The mother who hails from Hopton-on-Sea explained that she spent several hours trying to locate stores that could give her the discounts and she found those that offered at least 80% off. One of them was Argos from where she bought Frozen books at only 9p. According to her, most people miss out on such offers since they lack the knowledge that the store gives them when they have “overstock”.

She also mentioned that other supermarkets such as Tesco provide the same offers. She also got some of the toys from thrift stores such as B&M and Home Bargains.

In Disney Tsum Tsum Activity Twins she ended up paying £1.99 even though they cost £16.99 in Disney retail shops. Inside Out toy was another great bargain for her as she only paid £2.99 instead of £16.99.

The charities she intends to give the toys include Great Ormond Street Hospital, Ashley’s Birthday Bank in Christchurch, and Salvation Army Toy Appeal in Great Yarmouth. In addition to donating the toys, Holly is also giving away vouchers worth £1,500 to those who ask her for help directly on her online platforms such as YouTube and Facebook or her website.

She said that her vouchers are meant to help people before they “hit rock bottom”. She hopes that the vouchers will help people during Christmas since it is usually the most difficult period for those struggling financially. Some of the people she’ll give the vouchers to include a 12-year-old girl who’s trying to help her mother by couponing, a single mother who isn’t getting any child support from the children’s father and another mother who will stop getting maternity pay in January.

The amazing couponer said that she got her coupons by writing to brands, something that can be done by anyone. Her advice is that you shouldn’t write to big brands that get such requests every time or for brands that have their adverts on television.

This isn’t the first time Holly is donating. She previously gave the Benjamin Foundation and the Salvation Army food and toys worth £2,500 and £1000 respectively. She has also assisted cancer research centres, animal rescue centres, and NSPCC. Her website and blogs are dedicated to giving money-saving tips and also shares how one can get coupons and free offers. She also has a vlog where she shares the same tips.

She is currently the record holder for the biggest supermarket in the United Kingdom since she has used coupons worth £1,164 at no cost at Tesco supermarket.