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Bargain hunters will often use coupons to shop and to save money. Generally, people will use coupons to save a few pounds here and there. However, there was a single shop in, which a record-breaking £1,200 worth of coupons were used in a single transaction. This feat proves that there are plenty of savings to be made from using coupons just as long as shoppers know where and when to use discounts to make the greatest savings. Holly Smith completed the record shop using only coupons before donating the goods to charity.

This record-breaking coupon shop shows that there is no limit to the amount of savings that savvy shoppers can save. Holly then proceeded to offer tips on how to obtain the maximum number of coupons:

Contact Manufacturers or Retailers directly…

Holly found that contacting manufacturers or retailers directly will lead to them sending out coupons to spend on their products or in their stores. Whilst the vast majority of emails or letters are complaints a minority are compliments, thank you notes, or telling companies how useful their products are. Customer service departments are more likely to send coupons, gift cards or free samples to the people that pay compliments than those making complaints.

Remember good manners…

Another tip is to watch out for companies celebrating anniversaries for instance on being established 100 years ago, or 50 years since their most successful product was launched. Sending a cheap card to congratulate companies on their achievements will almost certainly mean a positive response from their customer services team. Most companies have a Freepost address so send cards and notes to them.

Ask managers about sales and discounts…

Go directly to store managers and ask for details of when sales begin, and when the discounts will be for the greatest amounts. Managers will advise of the best times to shop there while spending the least amount of money.

Turn receipts into vouchers…

Some of the leading supermarkets such as Asda or Tesco have price match schemes. Simply pick up other peoples’ discarded receipts and go back to that store if other supermarkets sold the same items for less. If you have children ask them to find receipts as part of a game. Holly once received a £35 price match voucher using this method.

Further tips to boost coupon savings…

* When cooking prepare recipes using specific ingredients and take photos of it, companies will send coupons or free samples of the product. You could even take muliple photos for each recipe to increase the number of coupons for each meal or dish cooked.

* Constantly check social media such as Facebook for the most up to date coupons and promotions.

* Time when to use all coupons to make the biggest savings, for instance, wait for the sales, or find out if stores are offering multi save options. Stockpiling coupons, especially those with longer expiry dates can make the savings even greater.

* Make sure you have enough storage to stockpile on offers, you will need to store groceries so that the maximum amount of goods can be brought during promotions or whilst the coupons are still valid.

Check out Holly’s Website or YouTube channel if you’re looking for some tips on how to stick to a budget and minimise your outgoings.