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Maximiles – Earn Money for Completing Tasks and Surveys

The digital revolution that’s happening in our era offers us opportunities to earn right from the comfort of our homes and smart devices. In this post, we’ll learn about a popular survey rewards program that’s one of the viable ways to earn passively. Maximiles can help you make the time you spend online fruitful- so get ready to learn about what it is and how it works.

What is Maximiles?

Maximiles is a property of Bilendi S.A. and a website that pays you for taking surveys online or on mobile. Maximiles has a special spot in the European rewards website scope, thanks to its wide user base and refined surveys and rewards system.

The website works in a very straightforward manner. You just signup, take various online activities; primarily surveys, earn points then redeem the Maximiles points for the rewards you want.

Is Maximiles Legit?

Maximiles is a legitimate and safe website that you can dedicate your time to. Since its inception, this platform has been paying its users, so they’re no concerns regarding payment. The minimal personal details you add when registering are encrypted and always kept safe.

There’re no charges to join the platform, not to mention that you’ll not need to add your card details as earned points are used directly on the platform. In this regard, there’ll be nothing to lose other than your time if things head south- which is very unlikely for this platform.

How do you join Maximiles?

To join Maximiles, Click Here and fill in information including your name, date of birth and postal code. Pick the service you want to use between Surveys and Maximiles and agree to the terms and conditions to complete the process.

Generally, you need to be 18 years and older to become a Maximiles member. However, there’re some locations where even 14 years old can join the website as long as they have parental permission.

Once you complete the registration process steps, Maximiles gives you 125 points as a welcome bonus to get you started.

What are Maximiles?

Maximiles points are the rewards you earn for successfully engaging in various online activities on the website. Here are typical activities on this website and the Maximiles points they’ll earn you:

Surveys, polls and focus groups- 5 to15 points when you fill out the surveys profile and 500-10,000 points when you complete the surveys.

Register with other websites- 100 to 300 bonus points when you register with other websites via Maximiles. There also points for taking free trial offers and information requests.

Paid emails: Earn at least 5 points when you open a paid email.

Shop online: There’re over 500 retailers integrated on the platform that you can shop from and earn points back for every £1 you spend.

How Do you Spend Maximiles?

The points you earn can be spent in three main ways. The most common way is using the points to purchase products. You can also exchange your vouchers for experiences and vouchers from leading brands.

What kind of products can you get from Maximiles?

There’re over 300 rewards in the Maximiles, meaning that there’re endless ways to spend your Maximiles points. From beauty products, books to film and home products, you’ll find an item you use daily. Browse the catalogues, select the reward you want, add it to the basket and finish the process by cashing out.

Can you Refer your Friends on Maximiles?

Yes, if you want your friends to enjoy the benefits this platform offers, you can leverage the referral scheme to invite them. For every referral under your profile, you’ll earn 1500 points as long as the person you refer also gains the same amount of points.

How do you withdraw on Maximiles?

The lowest points to collect a reward are 2000 points, but there’re some special deals when the minimum threshold is lower than this. Withdrawing Maximiles is typically exchanging them for rewards. Once you select the rewards you want and cash out, you should expect to receive the rewards within 10 working days.


Rewards for doing what you enjoy online can never hurt and Maximiles is the platform to turn to for this. If you are dedicated to taking the online activities, Maximiles can come through when you want to acquire a gift for a friend but got no money. Becoming a Maximiles member is easy and absolutely free. The online activities are endless, not to mention that the payment process has no snags. In a nutshell, Maximiles is worth every bit giving a shot.

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