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5 Ways to Make Money Blogging

You might be wondering, “Can I still make money blogging in 2021?” The answer is yes! Every blogger can make money and generate a revenue stream. It just takes hard work, patience, and learning.

But how do you go about it? Let’s get down to the details!

Affiliate Marketing

To get started on affiliate marketing, apply for products you want to promote on affiliate programs. Once accepted, grab a “unique” URL code that you’ll use to link to the products. When your visitors click your link and buy the products, you earn a commission.

For example, if you have a fitness blog, you can sell affiliate health, bodybuilding supplements, workout machines, or weight loss products. Since your content is already attracting people who are interested in fitness, offering to sell these types of products helps create a near-automated new stream of passive income.

Sponsored Posts/Brand Partnerships

Even with a small niche, you can find sponsors who are happy to partner with your website. All you need to do is create a professional media kit, look for brands you want to partner with, and pitch your sponsored post to them. Before you even know it, you’ will have companies paying you to write on your blog. Also ensure that you maintain a relationship with your sponsors in order to get more sponsored posts over time.


Most bloggers tend to think that adding pay-per-click (PPC) ads is the sure-fire way to making a huge sum of money with their blogs. However, unless you have high traffic – let’s say about 10,000+ visitors per month and more – your income will be minimal at best.

So if you don’t have a huge following, should you give up blogging? Of course not! You can easily negotiate terms directly with advertisers to use display ads instead of PPC ads. If the adverts revolve around your niche or industry, you can negotiate a fee that’s more competitive than that of PPC ads.

Offer Services

Whether you set yourself up as a career coach, a business development coach, or a life coach, content writing tutor, you can earn a significant income by offering various services on your website. Design your packages and do your best to address objections upfront. Customers tend to leave the site or abandon the signing up process when it is too complicated.

Sell A Digital Product

You can sell any digital information product so long as it falls well within your niche. You can market it on the webinar and deliver it through a member’s area or other downloadable means. These digital products can be anything from software components, videos, resources, downloadable guides, PDFs, SaaS, etc. Just do your best to find something that fills your visitors’ need or void, and don’t second guess your abilities. In no time, you’ll be surprised at how much you’re making selling digital products on your blog.

Final Thoughts

When starting out on blogging, it can seem like the most frustrating and arduous task. However, a journey of a thousand starts with a single step, and with determination and discipline, you’ll eventually get there!

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