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Crowdology – Earn Money for Completing Survey’s

Have you been struggling to search for a viable digital occupation to add to your list of income streams? Crowdology, a UK-based surveys website, may be all you need. With this platform, you earn for giving views about the products you use daily. This post is a guide of this renowned survey website in the UK.

What is Crowdology?

Crowdology is an online marketing panel that pays users to participate in surveys or conduct research activities online.

How does Crowdology work?

Crowdology works in a very simplified manner. You just sign up, receive and complete your survey and ultimately get paid.

Crowdology has partnered with leading brands that want to know the level of customer satisfaction with their offerings. You simply take the survey with questions about several brands or general topics and get paid for completing the surveys.

Typical surveys on this platform will take you 2-15 minutes to complete and hence will barely interfere with your daily schedule.

Other than the surveys, there’re occasional competitions where you can win prizes on emerging a winner. Rewards can be anything related to the brands such as Apple Watches.

Additionally, Crowdology may ask you to participate in research activities such as telephone interviews or focus groups. While these are entirely optional, they’re an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings.

How do you join Crowdology?

Click this link and follow the prompts given to sign up. Once you’ve completed the registration form, you’ll be sent an activation email to the email address you provided. Click the link to finalize account creation, then log in to your account to complete your profile.

How do you earn money on Crowdology?

As a Crowdology user, you benefit by earning on commenting about brands in a survey manner. The amount you earn with Crowdology for each survey is added immediately to your Crowdology account. Other forms of earning are the optional research activities mentioned before.

The amount you make with Crowdology depends on the kind and length of survey you take. Generally, a single survey should earn you from 40p to £10.

Is Crowdology Legit?

Yes, Crowdology is a legitimate and safe website you can trust. Your data is protected as this platform follows the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for data protection. Crowdology payment processing is also very refined and they ensure that all payments are made in time.

Can you Refer your Friends on Crowdology?

There’s no refer-a-friend scheme for this platform, so you need to focus on the surveys to earn.

How do you cash out on Crowdology?

When your balance reaches the minimum threshold (£4 for PayPal and 10 for Amazon voucher), you can withdraw the earnings via your preferred method. Head to the ‘Rewards’ section on your dashboard and select your preferred method. PayPal is the most recommended method, but you can also choose Amazon voucher if this is what works for you.

PayPal payments take up to 2 working days when the system is not too jammed up, while Amazon voucher certificates can take up to a month to arrive in your email box.

Final Thoughts…

There’s nothing as remarkable as getting paid for giving views on your favorite products and Crowdology is the best platform to trust for this. The registration process is straightforward, completing the surveys pretty easy and their payment process is very transparent. Crowdology will not be your all-sustaining income stream, but it’s something that’ll move you closer to achieving your financial freedom.

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