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Holly Smith is a self-made money saving expert. A native of Hopton, just outside of Yarmouth, Holly has saved thousands of pounds on groceries and holidays by sticking with a budget and making the most of bargains and offers.

Holly’s money-saving expertise is so valuable that she has now garnered over two million followers on social media, and has seven million subscribers to her YouTube channel – Holly is also very open about her Asperger’s Syndrome.

Her saving skills have enabled her to donate several bargains to charity, and reach several people worldwide and educate people on how to live by a budget.

Holly initially began to save money as a means of providing holidays and special luxuries for her family – her daughters now actually help her with her bargain hunting; she stated that Mollie-Rose and Bella-Marie both scout for coupons in free supermarket magazines.

Holly’s money-saving went from family-centred to well-documented on the internet, thanks to another frugal friend who told her that she had a talent and should start to write a blog about her budgeting experiences! Holly’s friend sadly passed away a few months after telling her this, but Holly kept the advice in mind and is now enjoying every success.

At the time that Holly began her blog, she was actually recovering from surgery. She suffers with a condition that meant she needed tumours removing from her leg, and then corrective bone graft surgery to fill the gap left by the tumour (she also suffers with a rare digestive disease) and as previously noted, Asperger’s Syndrome. Holly is very open about her Asperger’s and has stated that while she does not understand emotional responses or things such as sarcasm, she is still able to have a laugh and enjoy her life the same way that any other person does. She did note, however, that social settings can be difficult for her due to her lack of understanding regarding emotional responses – she stated that it’s difficult for her to ‘fit in’ as she often ‘misunderstands things that appear normal to others.’

Holly’s openness regarding her health, and her exceptional talent for saving money has made her an internet sensation and a lot of people have credited her with turning their own financial situation around.

As well as helping several individuals through her channel and her blog, Holly has also donated to a lot of charities and has given away thousands of pounds worth of toys and good to organisations such as the NSPCC, Cancer Research and the Salvation Army.

And if you didn’t think she’d achieved enough already… Holly actually holds a record for the biggest supermarket shop completed using only coupons – she purchased £1,164.39 worth of goods at her local Tesco with coupons she had collected, and then gave the full shop away to charity.

Asides from her blog and YouTube channel, Holly has recently found TV fame. Both BBC and Channel 4 have approached her and made programmes with her, in which she helps people to limit their spending and address their financial difficulty. She featured in Radio 1 Stories: Asperger’s Moneysaver – during this episode, she works with a person who has massively overspent on their credit card, and gives them advice on how to rid themselves of debt, she also speaks candidly about the hurdles she faces in life due to her Asperger’s Syndrome.

Check out Holly’s Website or YouTube channel if you’re looking for some tips on how to stick to a budget and minimise your outgoings.