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Asperger’s syndrome has helped a 35-year-old “Coupon Queen” not only save money but also provide tips to help others do the same. She is now one of the best Money Saving YouTubers in the United Kingdom. She appeared on an episode of Radio 1 Stories named the Asperger’s money saver which is now available on iPlayer and it is here that she revealed how her condition helped her money-saving journey.

With 90,000 Subscribers on YouTube and over 1 Million followers on Facebook, Holly Smith says that being autistic played a major role in her success. She said that because of her condition, she is constantly restless and therefore can’t sleep until 5 am. If she puts her mind to something, she doesn’t stop until she completes it successfully. This is how she gives people money-saving skills.

Holly’s diagnosis with Asperger’s wasn’t until she was 26 years old. She, however, said that the late diagnosis brought her relief as she finally understood why she was different from others. People with autistic usually have traits that they obsess over and Holly’s is money saving.

Although she has made something positive out of her condition, she still faces challenges such as socializing with others or going to places with many people since the noise overwhelms her. On the Asperger’s Moneysaver episode, Holly meets Amber who is in debt and cannot afford to make deposits. After Holly goes through her account statements, she finds out that Amber is an “impulsive” buyer and her financial difficulties stem from her expenditure on luxurious items such as takeaway coffees and lottery tickets.

To save at least £400 every month, Holly gave her some tips to help her out.

Always pay cash…

Holly gave Amber a cash box and took away her credit cards and debit cards. Her reason is that when someone has cash, they become more reluctant to spend it. With only £100 for the week, Amber spends £25.50 on fuel and £30 on an office Christmas party. She is then left with only £40, something that forces her to stop having takeaway coffee and start making lunch at home.

Other sources of making money…

By selling her clothes on eBay, Amber makes £50, money that she uses to pay some of her credit card bills.

Hunt for yellow stickers…

The two ladies leave for shopping with only £5. Such a limited budget forces Amber to look for items with reduced prices.

Holly advises Amber to look out for items that are “going out date” but doesn’t have yellow stickers yet especially in the meat and fresh vegetables department. She can then ask the store to put a sticker on them.

Another piece of advice is that Amber should look for reduced meat at the back of the shelves. This is where people usually hide the best products.

Holly also confessed that her condition sometimes feels like a curse. She wonders why she can’t be “normal” and meet with her husband’s friends or do something like going to the pub. She hears every noise but she can’t filter it out thereby having difficulty in coping.

She feels more at ease at home. There she has control over everything and everything is arranged the exact way she likes it. Her home is her happy place and she takes pride in knowing that she bought all her things at half prices.

Holly realized that she was different from others at a young age since she couldn’t fit in. She remembers wanting to play alone with her toys instead of playing with other kids. Even though she didn’t interact with others well, nobody realized that she was autistic.

She was bullied in school, something that forced her mother to pull her out of school at 15. This forced her to learn to be independent at such an early age. She, therefore, had to learn “life skills” the hard way but she would still love to join a university.