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How Aldi’s Click & Collect works in the UK

ALDI is a hard discounter famous for its low prices, special buys and bargain products. Established in the 1940s, ALDI disrupted the established UK grocers, gaining more market share.

Over the years, ALDI focused on selling through its 6,520 stores across 11 countries. In fact, ALDI UK had a target of 1,200 stores by 2025. While ALDI concentrated on growing its stores, it failed to focus on online shopping.

Instead of providing UK shoppers with an online portal where they can shop from the comfort of their homes. ALDI offered limited deals such as wines and general merchandise.

Well, things are changing, and now ALDI is disrupting online shopping in the UK by launching its own Click & Collect service.

What is ALDI Click & Collect?

The ALDI Click & Collect is a service where customers can shop for items online and collect them at a local ALDI store. Under this service, UK shoppers can order ALDI’s full in-store range online. Shoppers can order fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, fish, pizzas, ice cream, frozen ready meals and more. They can also order household essentials, wines and spirits.

Customers pay for their orders online, and then the orders are usually picked and packed by ALDI staff in readiness for collection. In the UK, ALDI has 900+ stores with more than 36,000 employees. To find the nearest ALDI store, use their store locator.

The new service is part of a £1.3 billion investment package to mark 30 years of ALDI stores in the UK. It’s expected that the Click & Collect service will create 4,000 new jobs in 2021.

How Does ALDI Click & Collect Work?

First, you need to register with ALDI. Registration is quick and easy. Head to the ALDI website and fill in the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Password

Check to subscribe to SMS to receive updates about your order and to accept ALDI’s terms, then click “Create Account.” Open your email to verify your account, sign in and choose your time slot and collection store. All slots are £4.99 with no minimum spend.

Visit ALDI’s online store and shop. The store has several items grouped in the following categories:

  • Chilled
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Food Cupboard
  • Bakery
  • Frozen
  • Fresh Fish
  • Drinks
  • Household
  • Pet Care
  • Baby and Toddler
  • Health and Beauty

Add the items you need in your cart and make payment. ALDI’s pickers are well trained. As such, they will pick the freshest items for your order. If certain products are not available, ALDI pickers will find the best substitute.

You should know that you can add or remove items from your order up until 11.50 PM the night before your collection slot. When your order is ready, you’ll receive an SMS reminder or a confirmation email to pick your order.

Follow ALDI’s Click & Collect parking bay instructions, and you should receive your order in no time.

How Do You Pick Your Groceries Using ALDI Click & Collect?

When you arrive at your local ALDI store and follow the instructions to its dedicated Click & Collect parking bays, park your car safely. Follow the collection zone signage to let ALDI know that you arrived at the local store. One of ALDI’s pickers will bring your order.

ALDI operates a “Challenge 25” policy. This policy requires any ALDI shopper buying age-restricted goods to provide photographic proof of your age. ALDI accepts the following as forms of ID:

  • Your Passport
  • A photo driving license
  • Proof of age card such as a PASS card

If you fail to provide photographic proof of your age, ALDI will remove the restricted items from your order and not charge you. If you can’t make the Click & Collect slot, you can cancel your collection slot online via My Orders. ALDI will not charge you for the order, and you can place your order again at a time that suits you better.

All you need to do is select your order in My Orders and select “Order Again.” If you’re late, ALDI will hold your order for you. If you fail to collect your order by the end of the day, ALDI will cancel it and not charge you.

How much are ALDI Click & Collect Slots?

All collection slots cost £4.99. Of these, £4.59 goes to pick and pack costs, while 40p goes toward the packing bag costs used in your order. Your order can be big or small as you need. ALDI will not charge you extra based on the size of your order.

While ALDI has no restrictions on how big or small your order is, there are restrictions for individual items. For example, you can order a maximum of 2 packets per order when purchasing painkillers. This includes a combination of aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol products.

Are ALDI Click & Collect Prices the Same as in-Store?

Click & Collect prices are the same as in-store. The price you pay online for your order is the same as when you pay in-store.

Do You Have to Pay for Bags?

ALDI pickers will bag your order in fully compostable bags. From 1st January 2021, ALDI will be charging a flat fee of 40p for the bags. This fee is in the collection service fee of £4.99. Some ALDI stores may use crate liners or other types of bags. You can return the liners and bags to any ALDI store to recycle for you.

Final Thoughts

ALDI’s Click & Collect service is a convenient way to shop online. UK shoppers can buy high-quality food, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat at discounted prices. Online prices are similar to in-store prices, and so are the products.

ALDI also has a home delivery service in partnership with Deliveroo. This service is available in 40+ stores. Delivery via this service costs £4.99 per order, and the minimum order you can place is £15.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ALDI introduced a wide range of social distancing procedures in its stores. This is in line with government guidelines. To speed up collections, ALDI pickers will select your order, bag and bring it to you.