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Airtime Rewards – Earn Money Off your Mobile Bill

Would you want to save money off your next phone bill? Try out Airtime Rewards, a loyalty and rewards program integrated into your favourite mobile networks. If it’s your first time to come across Airtime Rewards, worry less as you are about to grasp all the crucial details about it. This post is a guide to Airtime Rewards meant to help you understand what it offers.

What is Airtime Rewards?

Airtime Rewards is an innovative business that gives users rewards for purchasing their products from selected retailers.

On a user’s end, Airtime Rewards is an app you download from and get to enjoy rewards when you shop with a supported retailer.

To use Airtime Rewards, you need to register with the app. The registration process is pretty straightforward and you only need to activate your number and link your card details to the app. This can be done easily by clicking the Wallet button and using your mobile to scan and upload the bank cards.

Is Airtime Rewards Free?

Airtime Rewards is absolutely free -there’re no registration fees or hidden costs throughout the entire process. This retailer rewards program is meant to improve your shopping experience and reduce your phone bills, so instead of paying to use it, they pay you redeemable rewards.

Which mobile networks does Airtime Rewards Work on?

This app is compatible with all mainstream mobile networks, including EE, O2 Vodafone, Giffgaff, Three, etc. There’s no harm in trying Airtime Rewards on smaller networks to see if it’s compatible.

Is Airtime Rewards Safe?

Security is a top priority for Airtime Rewards and your card details, as well as personal information, will be kept secure and encrypted. What’s more, Airtime Rewards is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and has partnered with major cards such Visa and MasterCard.

Their innovative transactional technology ensures that it does not interfere with your shopping process, so you’ll just shop as usual. As long as you use an integrated mobile network and shop with an accepted retailer, your purchase will be tracked and rewards loaded to your account safely. Note that they’ll only see the transaction you make and nothing else.

How much can I earn?

The rates for the rewards differ from one retailer to another but can be up to 12.5% off your purchases. Even with this, the amount you earn will be under your control as it’s proportional to your shopping frequency. Good thing is, you only need to earn rewards up to £5 or £10 for a few networks to redeem the amount off your phone bill.

How do I redeem rewards?

When you hit the minimum threshold of the rewards (which is an average £5), you just need to select the amount from the picker on the ‘Rewards’ section and you’ll have reduced some amount off your mobile bill. You can redeem rewards off your monthly phone bill or as a voucher for pay-as-you-go –credit. You’ll get rewards on your phone bill after 24 hours.

With Airtime Rewards, you don’t even have to enter codes to redeem the rewards. The rewards will keep accumulating until they are good enough to be redeemed.

When will I know when new retailers have been added?

On installing the app, visit your phone’s settings menu and enable it to send notifications to your phone. There’ll be notification beeps anytime a new retailer is added to the amazing platform. You’ll as get any other notifications, including purchase approvals, via the contact details you provide.

Please enter a valid email and ensure that you can access it. Giving wrong and inactive details could make you miss out on unmatched rewards when a new retailer is added.

It’s good to note that retailers can be added or removed from this platform anytime and hence you need to keep track of all the changes that happen on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Airtime Rewards is an innovative loyalty and rewards solution and one of the best integrations mobile networks can effect to improve their users’ experience. As evident from this guide to Airtime Rewards, most major networks are covered by this program, so your chances of earning rewards are limitless.

The program is so easy to use- once your cards are connected, your biggest task will be to continue shopping from their partner retailers. The most impressive thing is that all the rewards you collect go into cutting your monthly phone, which is definitely a brilliant thing.

Airtime Rewards is a viable way to earn cashback when you shop and you should definitely give it a try.