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15 Ways Kids can Make Money

Is your child always pestering you for money? if so share this article with them as it lists 15 ways kids can make money…

Car Washing…

This is a cool way to make money for kids as it requires close to zero investment. With a bucket and sponge, you are good to go. The aim here is to ensure that you get it right with your services and are reliable. It would be a good idea to start with your parent’s car before you approach your neighbour and expand your services within your area. Considering the number of cars you can find within one estate you can find this a great way to earn money. You can learn proper handling of car wash services by starting with your family car. Observing road safety is crucial for this activity. You need to avoid things that may put you or the car at risk such as driving without a license.

Sell Old Books or CDs

Every home has a lot of books and CDs which no one uses anymore. This can be an avenue for making some extra cash for you as a kid. It is important to ask your parents first about decluttering your home from such items. You can get a wide range of collections and sell them from the boot of a car. Besides, local schools and churches can be an ideal place to get customers for old books and CDs. If your parents have an eBay account you can request to make use of them to shift the items. Vintage books and CDs which may be hard to find in the market can be a good source of money if you have some at home.

Dog Walking

This is a major activity that can add some coins to your pocket. You can spare some time of your day to take up this task and get some money. To market your dog walking services you can use fliers with your area and wait for clients to call. If you have information about a neighbour with dogs then you can approach them to require for the provision of the services. These services will not take much of your time and will earn you some good money as well. Besides, you will be doing some exercise as you walk dogs around.

Mowing Lawns

Many people do not have enough time to take care of their lawns. The elderly will as well find it ideal to get someone to cut overgrown grass on their lawns. Providing this service could enhance your earning as a kid. Getting lawns done perfectly is key to getting future business from clients and obtaining referrals. There is potential to diversify your lawn mowing services with time which would increase your income as well.

Doing Old Jobs for Your Parents

You would be amazed by the positive response from your parents when you ask them to give rewards for doing Old Jobs at home. There is a lot of work which one can be engaged with at home such as cleaning the house, handling dishes which others are paid to do. You can ask your parents to give you some house chores and offer rewards which they would be obliged to.

Selling on eBay, Vinted, or Depot

If you have some items you no longer need at home, this option is something you can evaluate. Shoes, some old clothes, and accessories are things you can opt to utilize for cash rewards. The process is quite simple which makes it ideal for everyone to try out. To make good returns here you need to ensure that the items you sell are of good quality and that you take perfect photos of your items. Besides, you need to check the price of similar products on the platform to aid in costing your items. Another way to make money through this is to buy items that are underpriced and sell at a high price. You would as well need a PayPal account for this business which you can organize with your parents.

Lemonade Stand

This is a popular means of earning money for children. It is quite flexible to set up one of such stands and optimize its value for making money. You can set it within your local community and have friends and neighbours visit for some nice products. Creativity is paramount to make your stand effective. When using a lemonade stand hygiene is a crucial component to put in mind. You need to give your clients something to be happy about in your stand. Community charity events or social areas can be an ideal site to set up your stand.

Have a Garage Sale

Getting rid of junk items can earn you the extra money to use for other things. The idea is to ensure that many people are aware of your garage sale. There are many items you can have on offer during the garage sale. You can reach out to those within your local area to increase the potential to sell by having different people participate. If you have items you no longer need it would be ideal to consider this cost-effective way and earn money from the process.

Selling Sweet Cones

There is potential in engaging in selling sweet cones to friends and locals. You can take advantage of the various options available in the market to make money. The aim is to make extra money by buying in bulk and selling at a margin to customers. Local events and busy streets within your area are strategic locations for this activity. You need to choose the perfect cones which stand a high chance of selling based on what people prefer in your area. Friends will be part of your client base as well as those with your community. During local fairs and community activities that attract many people are the ideal places to get such solutions.


If you have an interest in spending time with kids, this is something which can earn you money. Most parents do not have the time to spend with kids due to daily schedules. This would be ideal if you are ten years and older to enable you to handle kids’ needs well. You can engage couples within your local place to see your babysitting service. Many people want to leave their kids in the right environment and company and having other young people around them is perfect. You could earn a lot of money by providing these services.

YouTube and Instagram Channels

This is an area to try out especially for tech-savvy kids. It can be a long-term source of revenue if you do it right. There is a lot you can do with your YouTube and Instagram Channels to generate cash as a kid. The good thing about this is that you will do it in the comfort of your home. You can choose from a wide range of content to add to your channel and get followers. Starting early on YouTube and Instagram will lead to long-term success. Besides, with technology skills, you can utilize the money-making capacity of Google AdSense and affiliate marketing to earn good money. You would need to research well about the kind of internet money-making program you choose.

Fixing iPhones

People have different skills and if fixing electronics is something in you, this can earn you good money. You can obtain information online on how to go about this process before you get started. Fixing iPhone screens is something you can find interesting things to help you make money. iPhone screens are simple to install which is something you can bank on to make money. You may as well opt to buy cheap iPhones with broken screens and sell them back at a good price.

Qmee Surveys

Just by using your smartphone or computer, you can earn some money by taking surveys. There are many survey sites to which you can choose to sign up. To register with most surveys you only need to be 13 years of age and above though this may vary depending on the particular survey site. The survey tasks are quite simple and take less time to complete and you can withdraw your money to PayPal anytime.


This is an ideal site where your opinion can earn you good money. Here you will get paid for reviewing websites and providing feedback and opinion about your experience. This site accepts applications of those above 16 years of age. To succeed here you would need to have a microphone and camera. They pay through a PayPal account once you reach their threshold requirement.

The Opinion Panel

This is ideal for those from 13 years of age and is interested in taking up paid surveys. You can earn food money by handling survey questions from a wide range of subjects. With PayPal as their preferred payment mode, you are assured to have your money on time. You will spend minimal time doing the surveys and have money available to your account. Besides, you can win gift cards that you can redeem at selected stores and sites.